Hi again! I'm Ferdie Reinaldo and thanks for visiting!

I'm a computer science bachelor turned UI/UX Designer. In my 3+ years of design experience I had the privilege to work on a handful of amazing projects, from making ERP for a manufacturing company, to creating point of sales and inventory management systems for half a dozen schools, and trying (and failing) to build my own startup "Kabar Anak" an app that is intended for preschools and its parents.

Through those experiences and failings, I've found the passion to create a system, whether it's a web app or a mobile app, that is not just helping the stakeholder reach their goals but also something that most importantly solves the user's problem, not a burden, helpful, and hopefully enjoyable to use for the users, and with a streamlined user flow to try to make things just a little bit simpler.

Computer Science Degree

Finished my Computer Science degree at Binus in 2016, which gave me a background and knowledge of how software is developed and a surface-level coding know-how.

Working as an English tutor

Having the experience as a teacher at Wall Street English in 2016 gives me more experience how to empathize with end-consumer.

Graphic Design, and agency life

Working as an intern at a digital marketing agency in 2018 makes me more proficient in using designing tools and handling client feedback.

Software house & Startup

Starting in 2018 my business partners and I finally start a software house tackling a wide range of projects, followed by trying to make our startup "Kabar Anak" in 2019.

Things I like to do
...besides mindlessly browsing youtube and the internet...
...besides mindlessly browsing youtube and the internet...

is building and detailing Gunpla (Gundam Plastic Models)!

I love the process of cutting them from the runner, cleaning up the nubs (the plastic part that connects the part and the runner), sanding them down to a clean polish, panel lining the parts, and assembling them. It just scratches the part of my brain that loves detailing, sometimes when I'm feeling fancy I add a third-party water decal(sticker) to the Gunpla to make it a little bit fancier.

I'll show some photos of a build-in process, a completed build, and some of my tools!

PS: If any of you also love to build and knows about Gunpla, I haven't had the courage to try and built an MG or other 1/100 scale so I stick with HG or RG 1/44 scale.

Let's collab or just say hi!

Let's collab or just say hi!

Let's collab or just say hi!